Do People Look at Your Feet?

We all like to feel that we’re stylish and that we have a look that others will wish to replicate. If you ever spot other people looking at your feet when you’re walking around then it may be a pretty good sign that they’re impressed by your shoes.

This can be a great sign that you’ve spent money on quality footwear, helping you to stand out from the crowd. When we think about the clothing and accessories that we buy, we may not think too much about the overall impact that shoes will have on the way that we look.

We may think about them in practical terms. There’s certainly nothing wrong with doing so and it’s true that some people are quick to forget about the importance of having healthy, happy feet. By ensuring that your feet are pain-free, you can be certain that you’ll remain mobile.

But it’s important that we don’t place the whole emphasis on practicalities. Shoes need to look good too. That’s important when it comes to helping us feel confident when wearing them. Ideally, you should be looking to buy shoes that feel good and that look good too.

How do you know when you’ve found such footwear? If you feel comfortable when walking then you know that you’ve made a pretty good start. That shows that your shoes are probably keeping your feet nice and healthy. If you look down and like what you see, then you can be pretty sure that you’ve picked stylish shoes!

The real thing to look out for, however, is other people spotting your shoes. If you start to receive compliments about them then you know that things are on the right track!

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Pros and Cons of E Auctions

If you thought that Internet and online business has been enabled only in case of business to customer type of business, you are wrong. Even business-to-business is conducted through online procurement and online e auctions. This is fast becoming the most popular way of selling things to other businesses.

Anything new takes a while for us to learn. This is true in the case of e auctions too. You need to know how things work and decide if this is the right option for you. When you have understood to how to participate in the e auctions you are ready to enter it.

E auctions do not have the scope for physical exhibition of the items on auction. At the most you may get to see the photos online. In traditional auctions one is able to see the item physically before buying it. Therefore if you are buying an expensive item, then you need to think twice if you are comfortable buying without seeing it.

Traditional auctions have both buyers and sellers talking to each other at the auction site and there is opportunity for live interaction. This is not available on e auctions. At best you may be able to chat online with the people carrying out the auction.

Online auctions do score over the traditional auctions in the sense that you need not pay huge amount of rent in securing a venue for holding the auction.

It is not only the rent that you save on in an e auction, but you get to save on other incidental expenses including refreshment and snacks cost that you would otherwise have to spend. E auction does not have any such provisions for expenditure.

Just imagine with e auction you can reach to buyers from across other countries and engage all those who are interested in your ware, but when you hold a traditional auction you are limited to calling only those who are in the nearby vicinity and a small group.

Now that you have been educated regarding both the types of auctions, you are ready to engage that mode which suits your business needs best. Decide on one channel after considering the benefits and disadvantages of both the channels.

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The Best Things To Buy And Sell For Profit!

Are you looking for things to buy and sell for profit? Here in this article I will tell you some of the best things to buy and sell for profit and where you can get them.

The best things to buy and sell for profit are things that your customers can download straight to their computers online. These kinds of things are called digital products, that don’t require any shipping, or packaging. The reason why digital products are the best things to buy and sell for profits is because you have less overheads to deal with compared to physical products. This means you don’t need to buy them in bulk or whole sale, no need to restock, and most of all no shipping, this leaves you with more profits and less investment to make.

A lot of people are buying things online these days, and with today’s technology people can buy things at a click of a button. Which, means that you can save your customers even more time, and they would be more satisfied with their purchase. This is why digital products are the best things to buy and sell for profit especially if it’s online, because these products are made for the online business world.

The best type of digital products to sell are information products, such as e-books, which are books that you can read from your computer. Because, many people are now hungry for information, they want information to solve their problems through finding information online. This is why e-books along the lines of fixing and providing a solution to people’s problems such as “how to cure acne” or “how to fix your marriage”. This is why ebooks are the best things to buy and sell for profit.

So where can you get e-books so sell? Well the best thing about e-books is that now you don’t even need to have your own product to sell. There are many people who are looking for people like you to sell their e-books and would gladly even pay you up to 75% of the total price of the book for every sale that you make, this is called “Affiliate Programs” or “Affiliate Marketing”. Most e-books that are sold can range from $37 – $997 online, which means every time you sell someone’s product you will get 75% of that amount which means you can make a huge amount of money.

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Chinese ATVs Are Junk – Or Are They?

Many people have a certain conception that all products that come from China are cheap junk put together by a one-armed peasant. Okay, maybe not the one-armed peasant thing, but the rest holds true in most Americans’ minds. So you may be asking is it true…does China put out only crappy products? The answer is of course not.

Just because you have had cheap remote or something made of plastic with the logo “made in China” stamped on it, doesn’t mean that all products that come out of China are junk. You would be surprised to find out how much of your own stuff was actually made in China for companies like GE, Panasonic, and others. Everything imaginable comes from China these days.

The big difference is what place in China made the product. If you are an ATV fanatic or just simply enjoy riding one from time to time, you may have come across a too good to be true deal that was an ATV for under $1000, sometimes way under. You see things like this all the time if you do a Google search for ATVs. People are selling ATVs for $399. How is this? To turn a reasonable profit on each unit after advertising, they must have only paid $50 for each unit. This is because they are buying the cheapest stuff possible from government owned factories. These factories hire unskilled labor and can really make a lot of mistakes.

Not all factories in China are like this. There are many that are privately owned and hire highly skilled laborers to assemble the products. These factories have very good quality control, and will fix things when problems arise. Not only that, but they are usually close in cost to the government owned factories. Sure they cost more, but for the extra quality that you receive, it is well worth it.

What are the benefits and setbacks of buying online vs. buying in a local dealership? Most name brand ATVs are sold in dealerships only. You hardly ever see Polaris, Honda, Yamaha, or other name brands being sold new online unless they are being sold by someone that simply bought one and is trying to sell it for one reason or another. They are not dealerships. This is because before the internet, the ATV companies set up dealer territories. Dealers could not sell to customers outside their territory, especially someone else’s territory. The cost for a name brand ATV ranges anywhere from $3000 to $11000, not including the helmet and any accessories you may purchase. Chinese-made models cost between $400 and $3000. They are considerably cheaper and can be a great deal if you choose wisely.

It seems that the only websites that are selling online are ones that sell Chinese product. The product is always cheaper than any name brand and usually has something like free shipping included. This is a huge benefit to buying online. Not only that, but sales tax is only charged if you live in the same state that the shipping warehouse is located in. The sales tax savings may not last forever, because the government is watching a lot of tax dollars go out the window, but due to a couple of court cases that said charging tax on items that were sold from another state was against the interstate commerce ruling, it is still cheaper to buy things online. So enjoy if you are a buying or selling on the internet.

Be careful which product you buy online. If the seller does not offer a 90 day or longer warranty on the ATV then you may be about to get taken to the cleaners.

Most online dealers will ship the product about 80-90% assembled. This is to reduce shipping costs. If you don’t understand how to assemble the remaining product then you will want to take it or have it shipped directly to a professional for assembly. Don’t assume that because you know how to change your oil, you will be able to assemble an ATV out of the crate, unless you have very good instructions.

The repairs are just like any other piece of machinery. Most Chinese models are copied versions of name brand ATVs, so you can even buy Yamaha parts, for example, to repair your ATV.

So if you choose to buy an ATV online, pick a good dealer. They can provide you with the quality you are looking for.

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Online Jewelry Shopping

We are living in an era of quite hectic and busy life style. It has become very difficult for most of the people to go for shopping outside their home. Keeping in view, the growing demand of online shopping, the entrepreneurs have created several shopping portals, which are very inspiring and lucrative for the customers.

Shopping online is all about comparing prices and finding the best deal possible. This can easily be done by visiting a large number of online shopping stores quickly and easily, without leaving the comforts of your house. Shopping for an intimate item such as lingerie can be intimidating for many people. Shopping online provides a high level of anonymity as there is no face to face interaction with any person.It has become a fun and safe experience due to the increase in online security technology. It is already the fourth most-popular Web activity, surpassed only by e-mails, searches and news.

shopping online is now the main tool for the retailers that are providing them with good customer base and the conversion of online shopping had increased tremendously in past few years.

If you are also interested in shopping online and looking for best shopping place, here are few major considerations mentioned that will make your selection easier.

1) The best online shopping place is the one which offers quality products and services at the best affordable prices, and also offers discounts, special offers and gifts on a regular basis to its customers.

2) The shopping online place providing the facility of free shipments services at your doorstep is considered as the best shopping place. Some websites dedicated to online shopping also promise a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the quality of products being purchased or if it takes too long to deliver your products. Whether you want to purchase a product or a service for yourself or want to send online gifts to your loved ones, you can use these websites to take advantage of the best.

3) The best shopping website provides the security while making online payment transactions. Also, there are many forms of payment making options available for the comfort of customers.

Recently, the process of online shopping has become very popular. It has revolutionized all the shopping means together to make it more convenient. Now, with the help of one click of your mouse, you can find all the goods displayed on the monitor. This trend has eased our lives to a large extent.

At last, it can be said that shopping community motivates and encourages the customers to opt for online shopping by providing essential reviews and feedback about the goods. You may not have much knowledge and insights about that concerned good if you were compelled to buy them manually rather than online. Thus, shopping Online just wipe out all the shopping tensions without any hassles.

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How to Find People With a Diaper Fetish

You want to know how to find people with a diaper fetish. There is a very simple system. It is usually possible to find partners in a matter of minutes who share this fetish with you.

Diaperism (otherwise known as diaper fetishism) is, of course, a type of sexual fetish that involves a person getting a sexual charge from wearing a diaper. It should not be confused with infantilism; although, sometimes, the two paraphilias do coincide.

Strangely enough, you will not find any dating sites devoted to this fetish. I say strange because this is a type of fetishism that has a popular following. Until continued demand encourages someone to create such a dating community, I can offer you a rather simple, yet highly effective little system to find local diaper partners.

You need to get a membership at any large adult dating community. The good news is most such sites offer free accounts to new members. Once you have joined, you then need to include your diaper fetish in your profile, and then do a search for other people who have mentioned it, likewise, in their profiles – which is how to find people with a diaper fetish.

When you search for local women, for instance, most big dating sites will allow you to type in certain words. When the software conducts the search, it will show you profiles that contain these words, giving you a list, in this case, of people who share your fetish for wearing diapers.

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Organizational Policies and Procedures – What You Need to Know

“Surround yourself with the best people you can find, delegate authority, and don’t interfere as long as the policy you’ve decided upon is being carried out.” (R. Reagan)

Policies and Procedures are two words frequently heard in the business world and there is often confusion between the two concepts.

What is an Organizational Policy?

A Policy defines an outcome; it is a premeditated rule set by a business to guide organizational direction, employees and business decisions, and to regulate, direct and control actions and conduct. Policies can range from a broad philosophy to a specific rule. They are the direct connection between a company’s Vision and its daily operations and the underpinnings to a company’s culture.

What is an Organizational Procedure?

A procedure is a means to an end. Procedures are step by step instructions, prescribing an exact sequence of action. A procedure explains how to and who (which position) will implement the policy. Procedures are specific, factual and succinct. They may include timelines, specific forms to be used and template forms. Procedures assist in eliminating common misunderstandings which can result in costly mistakes.

What is the difference?

Together Policies and Procedures empower a process by providing clear and concise direction necessary for consistent operation. The essential differences are outlined below:

– General in nature
– Identify company rules
– Explain why rules exist
– Explain when the rule applies
– Describe to whom (what position) it applies
– Explain how it is enforced
– Describe consequences
– Provide guidance for managerial thought and action
– Flexible – allows for discretion

– Identify specific and alternative actions
– Explain when to take actions
– Describe emergency procedures
– Include warnings and cautions
– Give examples
– Show how to complete a specific form
– Prescribe how to carry out the action through step by step instruction
– Less flexible – concise and exact sequence of activities

Why does a company need Organizational Policies?

Policies and Procedures (P&Ps) are essential when a company requires consistency in its daily operations. They provide clarity and direction re: accountability. P&Ps assist companies in meeting legal requirements set out by the Employment Standards Act, the Human Rights Code, the Occupational Health and Safety Act and numerous other compliance requirements.

A properly written policy and/or procedure allows employees to understand their roles and level of responsibility and conduct their job by making decisions within predefined boundaries. By implementing P&Ps, management can provide guidance to employees without needing to micromanage, freeing managers to focus on strategic thought.

P&Ps allow the workforce to not only understand the accountabilities and responsibilities of their own position, but also that of their co-workers, which can foster a cooperative work environment.

How big should a company be to consider implementing Policies and Procedures?

With as few as six employees there will be recurring issues. Productivity and efficiencies both from a legal and operational standpoint can be gained through the implementation of P&Ps.

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China’s Social Security System: Maternity Insurance in China

As part of China’s efforts to reform the healthcare landscape in the country, large changes to the basic structure of the social security apparatus have been drafted in order to modernize the financial infrastructure supporting the health care system. This has included a number of mandated social security mechanisms, including maternity insurance.

The maternity coverage that is provided through the social security system in China is mandatory. However, while the central government issues the mandate, it is up to each municipality to organize and manage the maternity coverage for their area. This means that while different cities will have maternity insurance offered as part of the required social security structure, the particulars such as contributions and benefits may vary.

Although it is up to local municipalities to set rates and organize the collection of funds for their maternity programs, the system itself is structured around employers, whether public agencies, institutions, private enterprises or businesses. Each business or organization must register their employees with the relevant local authority managing the maternity insurance fund; failing to do so may result in fines and additional measures from the local maternity insurance regulatory authority.

Maternity Insurance Contributions

The cost of contributing towards the local municipality’s maternity fund is borne solely by the employer. Employers must contribute a certain percentage of their total wage bill towards the insurance fund. It is up to the local municipality to set the rate of contribution for employers within their purview, however most cities have set the rate at between 0.5 to 1 percent of the employer’s total wages. In some cases, the rate of contribution towards the municipal maternity fund may be higher or lower based on how the municipality has decided to manage the program and fund.

Maternity Insurance Benefits

The Chinese social security system for maternity provides employees covered under the plan with a number of benefits. Mothers go on maternity leave which is generally 3 months in length. During her maternity leave the mother will receive a predetermined amount as a maternity allowance, which is paid to her out of the insurance fund and not by her employer. Previously, the maternity allowance paid out to the mother would be fixed relative to her salary, however a new law promulgated in mid-2011 requires that mothers should receive payments that are equal to the average of all wages paid by their employer. However, many municipalities require time to restructure their local maternity insurance structure and funds and some may not have adapted to the new policies.

Depending on local regulations and rules, other benefits may be offered as well, such as a lump sum at the time of birth to assist the mother in dealing with associated costs. Fathers may also receive a short period of paternity leave, although it is usually limited to a few days of paid leave.

Some cities have already reworked their municipal health insurance plans to take account of the new rules, with Beijing being the most prominent among them. The city of Beijing reworked their maternity insurance laws in late 2011 to take account of the fact that there are many women in important positions in businesses or organizations both public and private. Beijing has included in their new maternity insurance system the provision that if a mother’s wage is greater than the average salary of the company, then the employer must make up the difference between the maternity allowance and the mother’s monthly wages.

As other municipalities rewrite their local maternity insurance coverage policy to bring themselves into line with the changes sought by the national government, some may or may not adopt similar policies to Beijing. While both maternity leave and allowance are guaranteed by the maternity insurance provisions of the national social security directives, details of benefits or additional benefits such as lump sums to assist with the costs of childbirth are decided at a local level by the municipal maternity insurance authority.

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Anime, A Brief History of Japanese Animation 1945-1970

Following the success of Disney’s 1937 film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the Japanese domestic anime market faced severe pressure from foreign filmmakers. Early pioneers such as Yasuji Murata and Noburo Ofuji, whilst masters of cut out animation, found it difficult to compete against the quality of foreign imported animation. With large profits being invested in new techniques, Disney took the lead, using cell animation and introducing sound.

Nonetheless, animators, with increasing help from the Japanese government, through the production of pre-war propaganda films, animators such as Mitsuyo Seo and Kenzo Masaoka, began to improve quality and the techniques employed. Local animators received a further boost, following the introduction of the 1939 film law. This law placed emphasis on cultural nationalism and promoted documentary and educational films.

Government sponsorship and the support of the Navy, lead to the production of Japan’s first true full-length feature animation. Produced by Shochiku Studios and animated by Mitsuyo Seo, Momotaro’s Divine Sea Warriors was released in 1945. However, it took a further thirteen years for Toei Animation to release the first colour full length anime, the 1958 movie Hakujaden, The Tale of the White Serpent. Whilst the general tone of Hakujaden is more Disney than modern anime, with animal sidekicks and musical numbers, it is widely quoted as the first “real” anime.

Following the films release in the United States, under the title of Panda and the Magic Serpent, Toei continued to develop and produce Disney-like movies, as well as venturing into animated series such as Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon and Digimon. Toei’s contribution to modern anime was to place an emphasis on the animators own ideas during the production process. This style of production lead to Isao Takahata’s 1968 movie Hols: Prince of the Sun, which demonstrates a change in style from what is considered “normal” anime.

Toei’s other major contribution was the introduction of “money shot” animation. This style of animation was developed to cut production costs, whilst placing emphasis on important frames within the film. The main body of the anime was produced with limited animation, with greater detail being used on important sections of cells. Toei animator Yasuo Otsuka further developed this style of production.

During the 1960s, Osamu Tezuka set up Mushi productions as a rival studio to Toei Animation. It released Mighty Atom in 1963, which became both the studios first hit and the first popular anime series in Japan. The huge success of Atom opened up the foreign markets. Fledgling American television, looking for content and programming, adapted Atom for the US market in 1964, renaming it Astro Boy. Others soon followed, including Mitsuteru Yokoyama’s super robot anime Tetsujin 28-go, released as Gigantor in the United States.

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Global E-Commerce Statistics

Global e-commerce has expanded almost exponentially in the twenty-first century. In 2010, the U.S. spent almost $153 billion on online retail sales while the European Union spent almost $163 billion that same year. In both places, the biggest expenditures were on electronics. Electronics in the U.S. accounted for 23% of purchases and in the E.U. it was 25%. The Asia-Pacific market spent $81 billion in sales in 2010 with 21% of those purchases on electronics. In 2010, the world retail market grew by 18%.

Worldwide Growth

In 2012, over one trillion dollars was spent worldwide on online sales, up 21.99% from 2011. U.S. online shoppers alone spent over $225 billion dollars that year which was 15% more than the previous year. Online sales in the U.S. accounted for almost 30% of the world’s online sales in 2012.

While the U.S. accounts for the most online purchases, it is closely followed by the U.K. and then Japan; however, online shopping is quickly expanding in China whose purchases accounted for 14% of online sales in the world in 2012. In 2011, China’s online sales increased 130% over the previous year and it is believed they will lead the world in online purchases in the future.

The average online shopper in China does not spend as much as shoppers in the west. The average Chinese online shopper will only spend an average of $670 a year while shoppers in the U.K. will spend an average of $3,878. Shoppers in the U.K. spend more per year on online sales primarily because of purchases of food and apparel. The sale of grocery items in the U.K. doubled between 2008 and 2012.

Following the U.K. in per household e-commerce expenditures is Australia, followed by Norway, the U.S. and then Denmark. The number of internet users continues to grow. In 2011 there were over 2 billion in the world.

By Region

By region, in 2013, North America accounted for 31.5% of worldwide online sales according to E-Marketer. The Asia-Pacific region accounted for 33.4%, Western Europe 25.7%, Eastern Europe 3.9%, Latin America 3.5% and the Middle East and Africa 2.1%. The number of online shoppers in China, however, is expected to exceed 440 million by 2016 primarily because retail marketers have not set up brick and mortar stores in smaller towns and cities throughout China making online purchasing the most convenient means of shopping.

According to the US Census Bureau, the estimate for third quarter e-commerce sales in 2013 was sixty-seven billion dollars which was an increase of 3.6% from the second quarter, and a 17.5% increase from the third quarter in 2012 which accounted for 5.9% of total sales in the country.

e-commerce in the US was up an estimated 13.4% in 2013 over 2012; however, only 4 million new online shoppers were added this year meaning that the majority of money spent will come from more experienced users. New customers to online sales usually start small buying CDs and books before moving to more high-dollar purchases. Because of the increase in the mobile market, shoppers are able to access the internet anywhere at any time. The use of on-line technologies change the way businesses work and this is the most evident in the U.S. and Sweden.

As confidence in global e-commerce and online payment processing solutions grow, online purchases will also grow. The majority of sales are attributed to experienced online shoppers, not new online shoppers who tend to spend conservatively on small-ticket items such as CDs and E-books. As online shoppers’ age, the amount of their online purchases increases.

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